dreams of plastic

You know you’re super into your fast when you dream about getting a plastic straw at a restaurant and feel guilty (but forgiven).


Does it even matter?

I’m beginning to question the impact of my fast.

Who cares if I buy bottled water or use a plastic utensil?

I’m just ONE person.

Do my actions even matter? I’m barely making a dent.


Day 1: God answers prayers.

For lent, I decided to “be more eco-friendly” and not use any items wrapped/sold in plastic/Styrofoam, plastic utensils/bottles/plates, etc. It’s day 2, and THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

But God has shown grace yesterday when I was completely unprepared with food.

We had to get takeout (usually coworkers would bring some yummy Filipino/Indonesian dishes) because of an 8-hour meeting but found a place that serves its meals in cardboard. I wasn’t the happiest about using a takeout container, but it’s better than plastic… for now.

I didn’t have any vegetables to cook dinner and was already late. I was prepared to get my veggies from the wet market and be super late when LO AND BEHOLD! What should appear in front of me but a random vegetable stand in the middle of the ferry lobby!? I turned to my friend and said, “SEE?! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!”