“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling)

Election 2016 will undoubtedly go down in history. After the election results, I lamented. I cried not because Trump was elected president but for everything he represents, the reasons why he was elected, and what is known as #Trumpageddon. I fear for my brothers and sisters of color, who identify as LGBTQ+, who are Muslim, in poverty, and those who don’t fit into the groups that Americans deemed as “good” or “right.” I pray for those who take actions against oppression but especially for those who sit back and say, “God is in control” without doing anything. Yes, God is in control of everything, including this election. But, God also created us, you and me, to do something about injustice. Let me say that again.

God created us to do something about injustice.

Jesus not only talks about injustice and oppression but does something about it. He challenged those in power, inspired others to take action, advocated for the marginalized, and created a movement based on justice and love. That is the Savior I serve – an organizer, a protester, an advocate. What would it looked like if Jesus sat back during the political and social unrest of His time and said, “Nah, God’s in control. Everything will work out according to God’s will”? I doubt Christianity would be what it is today.

So what can you do during our time of political and social unrest? Yes, pray, but faith without works is dead. Learn about the [major] issues facing your local or global community, and ask questions. Dig deep into the issue(s) with an opened mind. If I learned one thing in graduate school (and missionary training) is to really ask questions. At first, I couldn’t understand why Trump won the election. When I began to ask why, not to blame others but to really understand the issues our country faces, I learned about the working class in rural areas who face unemployment, hoping that this president would be able to help. It is so easy to point fingers and say, “They’re the reason why Trump is our president”, but we forget to ask, “Why?” So often, we forget that our brothers and sisters are also suffering and want to see change, just like me.

Then, do something about it, whether it’s charity (i.e. volunteering) or justice (i.e. protesting) work. Support local charities who work with communities. If you need help, you can always email or message me, and I can see how I can help. For the aforementioned issue, it’s cheaper to move manufacturing companies abroad than to employ locals to do the same work. What’s the solution for that? Lastly, get out of your comfort zone. Learn about people who you wouldn’t normally talk to. Get to know them and love them as they are because God loves them as they are. We love because He first loved us.