lessons on the bike path

1. invest in a comfy saddle/padded bike shorts because chafing is real.
2. don’t listen to google maps; it’ll route you to the back streets of nowhere aka Queens (today was not a good Queens day).
3. go AROUND the potholes, not THROUGH them.
4. same with cars. jk.
5. it’s okay to follow the crowd when you don’t know where bike lanes are so you don’t go through construction sites and almost get hit by cars…

Overall, today was amazing.
– I stepped out of my comfort zone and biked from home (Harlem) to church (Elmhurst) to West Village to Chinatown (twice).
– I saw neighborhoods I never would go to otherwise and had a wonderful time crossing those bridges. Not.
– I conquered my fear of biking alone.

I’m almost ready for the 5 boro bike tour. ;D