where my yellow belongs

you look at me and see yellow
but inside is a rainbow
of red and blue and orange
of anger and sadness and joy
trying to understand this life
that is labeled in black and white
us and them
the haves and the have-nots
tell me then where my yellow belongs
in this split world of dual colors

you look at me and see brains
in science and math
but inside is a heart’s desire
to break chains of injustice
to set captives free
in a broken world that holds beauty
only for those willing to see

you look at me and see sex
exotic oriental to fulfill fantasies
but inside is a broken reality
of “never good enough”
always having to prove myself
in a society telling me who I need to be
what I need to buy, say, and wear
to be of value
to be beautiful

you don’t look at me and see me
the whole me
stitched together by good intentions
the whole me
beautifully and wonderfully made
look at me now, and tell me again what you see