the lottery.

As one of my best friends and I discuss unemployment, housing, and government “benefits”, she mentions a lottery system for government housing. A lottery. It reminded me of Waiting for Superman, when children from crappy public schools apply to charter/magnet schools but due to the enormous volume of applications, the only way the school decides on who attends is based on a lottery system. Their education, their future, their life depends on luck. That is fucking bullshit.

As I went home, I was saddened by and angry at the way things are in this country. How can a home be decided by luck? How can anything be decided by that? I see the large houses and mansions in Saratoga and cannot believe that Saratoga is one of the poorest counties in upstate New York. I don’t blame my friends when they’re incredulous about that fact, that homelessness exists in our quaint little tourist town, that some of the children we tutor don’t have a place to call home..

Today, I entered into this lottery drawing. Now we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I lift all this into God’s hands. I won’t stop fighting, but I won’t be burdened either. This isn’t my battle to be won.


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