how do i.. what do i..? HUH?!

i’m not the greatest at expressing my emotions. in fact, i usually do the same thing. when i’m sad, i cry. when i’m angry, i cry. when i’m happy, i cry… and jump up and down and scream and talk a lot. i can’t write profound poetry or create magnificent artwork. i don’t even speak in coherent sentences. all i know is that there’s a surge of emotions and thoughts running through me, and i just want to release it. there’s a knot in my stomach and a ball in my throat. i want to cry and scream at the same time. i want to go to bed and run a thousand miles at the same time. i want to sulk but move on. most of all, i just want it to be over. i want to stop hurting.

i know that when i need comfort, He’s there. i know that i’m never alone and without love. but, God i need You now. i just want a hug.


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