365 days of poverty.

alright, like 355 days, but who’s counting? :3

and today begins my day of voluntary poverty.

after running around campus trying to get my ID card (alumni, NOT employee, of skidmore) and room key sorted and encoded properly, i went into town to apply for food stamps. without a car. so after waiting for 20 minutes for my transfer bus, i arrived at the economic opportunity council (EOC) to be told that i need to apply for food stamps in town, but because i didn’t want to wait more than 30 minutes for the bus, i decided to walk. it was a nice day after all. upon arriving at the correct office, it turns out that everyone was on a lunch break from 12pm to 1pm. it was 12:10pm. knowing that i couldn’t do much in the meantime, i ate lunch (chili dog for $1.49 at stewart’s!). when the personnel returned, i filled out my application and had an interview with the social service worker, who was very friendly and gave me some heads-up about where i’ll be working. yay! i was out of there by 2pm. this is pretty fast, considering. (:

resources i DO have (assets!)
– free housing, including utilities
– free transportation
– alumni status
– friends & family
– supervisor(s) & professors
– SOME food stamp benefits
– health insurance

hahaha, i totally forgot to explain what i’m doing! silly me!

well, i am officially a VISTA member (as of the 26th) serving at skidmore college (yes, i’m going back to my alma matar) to develop programs for the local community, which is quite poor despite the facade of a rich main street.


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