NYCUP is only half over..

the other half is for us to tell our stories! (:

before i tell my story, let me tell you about our last week.

august 1. we watched “the story of stuff” and food, inc.ย as a wrap-up of NYCUP. not all of us are called to be educators or investigators or lawyers, but we can change the way we buy things, especially food. i mean, we all eat, right?

august 2. last family time. =(
low: unwanted medical bill.
high: parents understand NYCUP! ๐Ÿ˜€

august 3. we learned how to share our experience in a few minutes from laura coles, who is a missionary with mercy ship.

august 4. we talked with kenneth cole and dr. barry smith about why they act against social injustice. it’s interesting to see 2 men who do things to fight injustice but with different intentions.

august 5. stewardship. what does that mean to you?

3 lies.

  1. there isn’t enough money.
  2. what we make is ours.
  3. our extra is for us.

3 truths.

  1. it all belongs to God.
  2. it all belongs to God.
  3. in God’s economy, there is always enough.

you want to tell your money where to go, not ask your money where it went.

august 6. on our last day together (sad-making!), we went to the crespo’s for reflection, dinner, and debriefing. we gave everyone our partner’s overall high and low of NYCUP and prayed for them.

“sent from this place to be a blessing,
not ripped from here to be a burden.”


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