a test of faith.

as we entered the train station at west 4th, jack and i gave a homeless man a granola bar, but he needed more subsidence and requested a chicken burrito. “where’s that?” he pointed us towards the exit opposite where we came in, and we followed his directions, promising to return. after walking 2 blocks, we decided to ask someone if they knew where there was a place to buy chicken burritos. at this point, i just wanted to quit and get the man a big mac, but jack asked one more man, and he told us to go around the corner and down the street. we went with it, and turned the corner. after a block, we spotted a chipotle-like joint, and jack says, “oh no! that’s as expensive as chipotle!” because we both were wondering about cost. however, when we got to the door, we saw a sign that said, “$5 burrito after 5pm“! WOW! isn’t that amazing?! it was definitely a test of faith.

sometimes, it’s not about what we do but trusting that God will provide and guide us every step of the way.


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