honoring the sabbath.

i always thought the sabbath was on sundays when we go to church to worship and listen to a sermon. imagine my surprise after our walking tour of chinatown when jonathan says to take a sabbath. WHAT?! but today’s saturday! as i thought about it, it made sense because the sabbath is just a day of rest. hm. food for thought.

so that was our saturday (tour and sabbath.. oh and OCM’s interpraise night! :D). on sunday, we went to brooklyn tabernacle for their sunday service. i like visiting other churches and seeing that despite differences, we worship the same God who loves for who we are. (yes, that is a reoccurring theme so far.)

sundays are also family times, so the even numbers (we each have a number so it’s easy to count and know who’s missing.) shared their highs and lows of the week, and we prayed for them. it was awesome that within a week, we were able to be vulnerable with each other and share our experiences, especially later that night. after family time, a smaller group of girls (and, at first, a couple of guys) spent HOURS talking about and confessing our doubts, struggles and sins. it just amazed me how close and comfortable we were with each other that we were able to share our darkest sins. the sins that we all thought we were the only ones struggling with aka the purple hat syndrome..

the purple hat syndrome  is when you think you’re wear this purple hat that no one else wearing, and you think everyone can see it. in reality, everyone else is also wearing a purple hat that they don’t want others to see.

it’s the enemy’s tactic to make us believe that we are the only ones struggling with something, but we’re not perfect. and most importantly, we’re not alone.


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