saved by grace.

sometimes, i so easily forget that we don’t have to work for God’s grace. we don’t have to prove ourselves to be loved by Him; He sent Jesus because of LOVE. man, that message at brooklyn tabernacle totally convicted me (and others). we sin, but He is such a merciful God.

as we were singing amazing grace, i also thought about how our chains are broken and we’re free, but what about those who are still oppressed? i was thinking about trafficked victims in particular, and i realize that yes, we can rescue them from their oppressors but without God their freedom means nothing. they need to be freed physically, emotionally, mentally, AND spiritually. i’ve focused so much of freeing them from their worldly chains that i never considered their spiritual needs. social work can only go so far before we need the power of God. damn.

when asked about her work, mother teresa says, “our work is not social work; it is religious work.” oh snap! i keep remember the first thing jonathan (our director) told us during our first meeting:

it’s because of who He is,
not what we do.

fo’ reals.


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