colorful & beautiful.

just as God made us. we are uniquely and wonderfully made! (:

the internship is going well; we’re just planning creative ways to raise awareness and do everything on our “to do” list this summer. it’s the evening events that are what i look forward to.

so how NYCUP works is that during the day, from the morning to 5pm, we are at our perspective internships. dinner is around 6pm, but every night is different.

  • mondays are movie nights when we watch a different documentary about an injustice that an internship focuses on
  • tuesdays are spent as “family nights”
  • on wednesdays, we have Bible study and small group
  • a speaker comes in to talk about a focused injustice for thursday nights, and we have discussion and prayer afterwards
  • on friday evenings, we chill
  • saturdays have various NYCUP events
  • and on sundays, we go to church

so tonight, which was speaker and discussion night, james from the bowery mission came to talk about “the others.” but there shouldn’t (key word) be an “us versus them” mentality. we’re created in God’s image, colorful and beautiful, and Jesus came to die for the person who is completely different from you. He came to die for ALL of us. seriously.

as we entered into our discussion and others shared about their experiences with the homeless and with people who look different than them, i began to think. i thought about how i respond(ed) to the homeless and non-asians. then, i remembered about the book we’re supposed to read for NYCUP – finding calcutta. it portrays mother teresa and her ministry through the eyes of a baby born-again Christian. the author explains that the ministry is able to run for so long with no income or financial support is because of their trust and love for God. they trust that God will provide, and they love the poor as God would. with each individual who showed up on their doorstop and they encountered, they would ask themselves, “what if this person is Jesus?

how would our lives change if we just changed how we view everyone we encounter and asked ourselves, “what if this person’s Jesus?”?


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