days 1, 2, 3.

day 1: moving in/BBQ.

subway rides and barbecues are awesome to get to know new people! (:

day 2: field trips.

“special breakfast”: based on statistics given by jonathan, we were told to eat breakfast like a chinese family. $10 for four people. even though my family has done that since my sisters and i were young, the reason(s) to stick to bakeries for breakfast never really hit me until then. O_O

elmhurst st museum/synagogue: the first built-from-the-ground-up synagogue in the lower east side. we learned about immigration of the jews from europe, but they moved out and the chinese moved in. so the area we’re living in has changed a lot in the past couple of decades. it’s such a beautiful building, and i’m glad it’s been perserved.

new life Christian bookstore: only stand-alone bookstore not affiliated with a church in new york city?! pretty intense. rich, the owner of the store, spoke to us about understanding God’s word. like FULLY understanding His word because when we finally fully understand it, that is when we will truly love our neighbors. he also gave us pointers about different translations. he was a hilarious speaker. and so passionate!

day 3: scavenger hunt.

equipped with a list of things to look for in the area, a metrocard, an opened-mind, and our cameras, we set out to begin our adventure in chinatown (where we’re living) and washington heights (where we’re serving/working). it was a long and hot 8 hours, but we got a chance to see different neighborhoods and learn about our environments.

  • most massage parlors in chinatown are fronts for prostitution
  • washington heights is beginning to be a major hub in the city for prostitution and trafficking (chinatown, sunset park, and flushing are top locations)
  • there are no police officers in washington heights because they don’t want to be there
  • $10 ATMs exist because those in the area are living paycheck to paycheck and don’t think ahead like some of us do. “i need $50 now but i know i’ll need $100 this week, so i’ll take out $100” versus “i need $50 right now”

tomorrow’s the first day of our internships! πŸ˜€


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