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Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I want to change the world. Do those words sound familiar? You’ve probably heard me utter those words multiple times, seen it on my Facebook statuses, read it in my blog entries, or already know it from Gandhi. Well, guess what? My dream is finally becoming a reality! How, you ask? First, you have to know my testimony.

Since high school, I’ve always wanted to pursue a career that helped people, especially youth. It wasn’t until my first semester in college that God revealed His plans to me in a vision. This was the first time, but it has not been His last. I was lying in bed unable to sleep when I found myself in a community in Africa, working with the villagers. I held onto this vision throughout college. It’s because of this dream that I stayed in school and decided to become a social worker. I knew I wanted to work with children, and I focused on the issue of poverty. It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year that God spoke to me again, this time through a documentary, Born into Brothels, which I started years ago and never finished. As I witnessed the struggles of the children living in India’s red light district, my heart cried out. After watching the documentary, I researched more in depth about prostitution, sex slavery, and human trafficking. The statistics were appalling. Did you know that 2 children every minute are being trafficked into sex slavery?

Through reflection and prayer, it became clear what God created me to do, to be. And everything – my passion, my experiences, my past – made sense. I know that I will change the world. By loving one child at a time, especially those who have been sex trafficked, and by fighting to end modern-day slavery, I can make a difference. However, before I can do that, I need the knowledge to combat the issue of human trafficking. And that learning experience starts this summer at Intervarsity’s New York City Urban Project (NYCUP) where I will work as an intern to end human trafficking in the largest city in America.

For six weeks, I will be working with the International Justice Mission (IJM) to layout the groundwork for their work in NYC. I will be trained on how to effectively engage individuals, churches, institutions and government officials on the issue of human trafficking. I will be putting my faith, my passion, and my education into action – something I never had the opportunity to do as a college student. So won’t you help me fulfill this dream?

This is where I need you. Just like modern slavery cannot be ended without your help, I cannot do this without you. So I ask that you join me in the following ways:

A. Prayer. Pray for NYCUP. Pray for me and the other students at NYCUP this summer. Pray for our humility because it’s not about us. Pray for God to lead us.

B. Research. Learn more about the topic! The first step to ending any injustice is awareness. I encourage you to visit websites such as Love146 and the Not For Sale Campaign to learn about modern-day slavery. Together, we can make a difference!

C. Financial support. The total expense for this summer is $3000, which includes room and board, food, travel expenses, and other fees. If you would like to support me financially, instructions on how to contribute to this need are at the bottom.

As you may know, I’m extremely excited for this opportunity, and I want to thank you in advance for your support whether through prayer and/or funding. Little by little, I know we can change the world together and further God’s Kingdom.

with love,

Making contributions online
1. Go to www.intervarsity.org
2. Click DONATE
4. Enter “sushi au” for student name
5. Enter amount

Checks are tax-deductible. Please make them out to INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP with NYCUP in the memo.



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